German in a bite! – Deutsch in einem Biss!

Discover delicious recipes: In German with illustrations or in German & English

Get help with difficult vocabulary: Infrequent words are highlighted and defined

Get to know the culinary landscape of Germany from north to south

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Backwaren/baked goods (27) Beilage/side dish (12) Berlin (2) Blogpost (2) Dessert (5) Frühjahr/spring (10) Getränke/drinks (2) Hauptgericht/main dish (21) Herbst/autumn (8) Norddeutsch/Northern German (6) Regional (13) Saisonal/seasonal (33) Salat/salad (4) Sommer/summer (12) Suppe/soup (4) Süddeutsch/Southern German (4) Süßes/sweet stuff (23) Uncategorized (1) Vegetarisch/vegetarian (40) Winter (14)

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